Landmark Plantation Group is a fully integrated, end-to-end Plantation Agribusiness headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our primary focus is in the plantationisation of food security, underutilised, and high-demand crops such as coconut, cocoa, and oil palm through the acquistion, development, and management of sustainable plantations. 

Our mandate is to cultivate high-demand crops to reduce Malaysia's dependency on foreign imports to reduce our national food trade deficit, whilst also providing a boost to the economy. 

Our goal is to provide sustainable, ethical, single-origin, and traceable supply chains to guarantee peace of mind for manufacturers, distributors, and consumers alike.   

From it's humble beginnings Landmark Plantation Group has evolved into a Plantation Agribusiness, and a vested player in the plantation sector. This constant progression has kept in line with our vision to first achieve National, then Global Food Security, and enhanced nutrition for our ever increasing populations through diversification into essential, underutilised crops and nutraceuticals. 

We are fuelled by passion for agriculture, and the Group still offers a diverse range of agricultural services and solutions through its subsidiaries today as it did in its early days.