About Us

Landmark Plantation Group Sdn. Bhd.


Landmark Plantation Group began its life in plantation consulting through our sister company, Pantropical Agricultural Services (PANTROPAS) Sdn. Bhd. From these humble beginnings, we have organically grown into a fully integrated, end to end Plantation Agribusiness, and a vested player in the plantation sector.  

This constant progression has kept in line with Landmark Plantation Group’s Founder and Managing Director, Rashwin Thind’s, vision to first achieve National, then Global Food Security for our ever increasing populations through diversification into essential and underutilised crops. 

Our goal is to provide sustainable, ethical, single-origin, and traceable supply chains to guarantee consumer's peace of mind. Through continued R&D, and a growing downstream cluster, we strive to unlock a wealth of economic and nutritional value in our existing, and underutilised crops.

Landmark Plantation Group is fuelled by a passion for agriculture, and the Group still offers a diverse range of agricultural services and solutions through its subsidaries today as it did in its early days.