Our Business



Our business is geared towards excellence in sustainable and efficient cultivation of crops. Backed by a team of pioneers who have held major portfolios, and made considerable contributions in developing and pioneering best management practices in the agricultural industry, we have the human capital and expertise to deliver robust and innovative solutions across the entire crop value chain. Our portfolio includes, but is not limited to:


Sustainable Integrated Cocoa Plantations

From Day One our estates are designed to make efficient use of mechanisation to reduce our dependency on manual labour, and lower our overall cost of production. Planting density is optimised to ensure superior per hectare yields, and agronomic excellence. 


Premier Integrated Coconut Plantations

Sustainability is at the core of our plantation ethos, and all parts of the Coconut Tree will be used to eliminate wastage. Mechanisation also plays a key role in boosting productivity, and efficiency, as well as reducing dependence on manual labour.  


Sustainable coconut and palm oil plantation development

We engage in acquisition and development of greenfield plantations. You can read more about our comprehensive development services here.


Total plantation management solution

We are well-positioned to serve as a single contractor to manage all aspects of a major project at optimized cost. More information can be viewed here, or simply contact us via phone or email to discuss your requirements.


Agrotechnical consulting service

Our dedicated team of experienced technical advisors are well-equipped to carry out agrotechnical evaluations and agronomic recommendations. You can read more details about our range of consulting capabilities here.


Research and Development

We specialize in precision agriculture and conduct strategic long-term R&D for the sustainable profitability. Combined, our experience and capabilities address all the upstream and downstream R&D needs of the plantation industry; covering the entire value chain from producing seeds, to the production of finished products.