Plantation Consulting



Our consulting division is spearheaded by Dr. Gurmit Singh PhD, FISP, JSM, who has nearly four decades of experience in the Plantation industry, and was the former Director of Research of United Plantations Bhd. Dr. Gurmit has been instrumental in pushing the frontiers of Plantation technology and management, and is the advisor to the Malaysian government on sustainable Palm Oil and Coconut cultivation. Pantropical Agricultural Services (PANTROPAS) Sdn. Bhd. currently covering some 500,000 hectares of Plantations across Malaysia and Indonesia, with growing demand from potential clients and projects in Latin America and Africa. 

Every 10% increase in yield achieved is complimented by an 8-9% decrease in overall production costs which in turn removes the need for deforestation to expand existing plantations. Our consulting services cover every aspect of upstream palm oil production. We offer a range of specialised services backed by decades of experience covering the following areas: 


  • Complete consultation packages, from land evaluation to preparation of plantation development project reports
  • Land suitability evaluation for plantations
  • Due diligence and evaluation of existing plantations
  • Agronomic and fertiliser advisory services
  • Management of Pest and Disease issues
  • Assisting plantations to achieve RSPO, MSPO and ISPO compliance.
  • Plantation advisory
  • Advisory on sustainable cultivation of oil palms on peat.


Consulting services are provided by our sister company, Pantropical Agricultural Services Sdn. Bhd. (Pantropas).


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