Our Plantations



Coconut Plantations

Hybrid Coconut Seed Production Unit 

Our 50 hectare Hybrid Coconut Seed Production Unit (HCSPU) is established in tandem with our initial 1,500 hectares of Coconut Plantation. This HCSPU is essential to drive future growth of our hectarage, and opportunities for smallholders to significantly boost their monthly income.


Sustainability is at the core of our plantation ethos, and all parts of the Coconut Tree will be used to eliminate wastage. Mechanisation also plays a key role in boosting productivity, and efficiency, as well as reducing dependence on manual labour.  

We have carefully selected high-yielding cultivars with superior nut characteristics to cater to both the downstream production of essential products such as Santan (Coconut Milk/Cream), and also to meet the huge local and international demand for tender drinking nuts. 




Oil Palm Plantations

Oil Palm's position as the world's most efficient oilseed crop in the world cannot be disputed. Up to 10 hectares of soy would have to be cleared and planted to produce the equivalent quantity of oil from only 1 hectare of Oil Palm.

Landmark Plantation Group's Oil Palm assets will be under the stewardship of our Chairman and Chief Executive Director, Dr. Gurmit Singh a true pioneer of tropical agriculture and a global authority on all things Oil Palm. As with all our plantations, mechanisation is key to improving efficiency of operations in our Oil Palm areas. 




Cocoa Plantations

Landmark Plantation Group’s first ethical, sustainable 1,500 hectare Single-Origin Cocoa Plantation is scheduled to be fully planted within the next three years. Fermentation and drying will take place under the stewardship of our experienced management team to guarantee high-quality and consistent output to far exceed the industry standard.

From Day One our estates are designed to make efficient use of mechanisation to reduce our dependency on manual labour, and lower our overall cost of production. Planting density is optimised to ensure superior per hectare yields, and agronomic excellence.